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Online Slots Rules

Of all of the casino games that are available for online play, slots is without a doubt the most popular. The many variations of the game legendzgamer.com and the beautiful sights and sounds keep players coming back time and time again. The following are standard rules for playing online slots.

The Basic Rules

Slots is a relatively simple game that is governed by three fairly easy to follow rules.

• Make a bet. In an online environment, players are often provided with an interactive menu at the bottom of their screens that will allow them to select how much to bet and how many lines to bet on. There is usually also a button jackpots that allows players to bet the maximum in a single click.
• Use the mouse. After the bet has been placed, players will simply need to click the word 'SPIN' in order to set the reels spinning. Certain bonus live games may require players to click other areas of the screen, but these areas are usually marked very clearly.
• Wait, wait, wait. At this point, the player simply needs to keep an eye on the reels. They can either continue to watch as the reels come to a rest one at a time or press another button to make them stop on a dime. This is the thrill of the card games waiting to see if the symbols line up on the selected paylines.

While the rules for playing slots are relatively simple, understanding the paylines can be a bit trickier.

Reels and Paylines

The number of reels on a standard online slot machine varies between three and five; the addition of the extra reels will not necessarily make it more difficult for a player to win, however. The way the symbols line up is spelled out by the selected paylines; these symbols can match up straight across, straight down, diagonally or even in a zigzag pattern. Different symbol combinations will pay out different amounts of money and this is usually detailed on the virtual slot machine itself.

If a player can understand how to physically use an online slot machine and how the paylines and payouts work, that is really all there is to know. The rest of the experience should be about having fun and waiting to hit the jackpot!